img11Naming the coffee by way of coffee-roasting is also commonly used.

As well as the type of coffee cold turkey, there are countries that all citizens ranging from pet to the grave drank one type of coffee roasting. Many names that reflect on the country where the type commonly used coffee roasting tesebut: American roast, French roast, and Italian roast is an example. When people start smart to distinguish the type of roasting with each other, the names of the city began to be used to describe a type of coffee roasting: names like Viennese roast, full-city (New York), Atlanta roast, and the New Orleans roast used. Many other cities in many countries have also started to do the same.

Roasting is simply a way of cooking the beans. When cooked coffee beans, as well as meat, wheat flour, and other ingredients are cooked, there is a chemical reaction that accompanies. Characters coffee beans is also changed. The longer the beans were cooked, the more chemicals that change their characteristics.

The degree of roasting and roasting name can also describe how far the roasted coffee beans. When the coffee-roasting, the coffee turns into brown. Certainly, the beans are darker in color means longer roasting. However, me-roasting coffee beans is not a simple matter, as simple as putting it into the grill and then me-roastingnya. The coffee beans are actually going to produce a different coffee-roasting when the inside temperature is different even though the end result is the same color. Techniques me-roasting coffee is an art.

Not only that, the coffee will change from endothermic be exotermic during the roasting process. Means endothermic and exothermic heat absorbing means producing heat. The coffee beans are actually generates its own heat due to the chemical reactions that resemble the reaction in the cement or detergent moistened. This chemical reaction creates a variety of components that affect the taste of coffee.

In the roasting process, the beans will produce the “essence of coffee beans” derived from a chemical reaction that occurs. Digest of coffee beans in the form of coffee oil. Then, the coffee oils into coffeeol.Coffeeol is a kind of floating oil, but also soluble in water. By arranging the roasting procedure, one can set up a little or how much coffee oil that will be produced for each time the roasting process. In addition, the chemical process to make the coffee beans become brittle. When coffee beans are fragile, the seeds will be easier to be ground.

The following changes color according to the degree of roasting and the names given:

  • Early color change: Straw
  • Light Brown: Cinnamon, New England, or Light
  • Medium brown with dry surface: American, Brown, or Medium
  • Dark chocolate: High, Light French, Viennese, City, Dark
  • Dark brown with a greasy surface: Dark, Italian, European, French, Continental Spanish, After-dinner, Full-city, Strong
  • Very Dark: Dark French, Neapolitan, or Heavy
  • Black and looked dry: Charcoal




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